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In September 2016, Cumnor Parish Council decided to begin the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan. A Steering Group was formed made up of Parish Councillors and interested residents. An initial meeting was set up, attended by 26 people, with representation from local landowners, business people, heritage and environmental consultants along with support and guidance from The Vale of White Horse DC Planning team and facilitated by Community First Oxon. From this event, a number of issues, ideas and concerns were brought together to form a draft vision.

The next step was to introduce Neighbourhood Planning to the wider community. A public meeting was held in November 2016, which was attended by over 120 people. The views expressed via post it notes and verbatim comments were incorporated into the vision and outlined question areas for our Big Survey.

In March 2017 the Steering Group drafted question areas, and sought advice from a local resident on market research best practice and standards when completing questionnaires. Our first draft was revised by a group of 12 volunteers (drawn from those that expressed an interest from our distribution list of 102 people). Subsequent drafts were reviewed and commented upon by Parish Council. 

In January 2018, the Big Survey was distributed to every household in the Parish - 2758 copies in total. This data was drawn from the Vale's database.

The Results Are In!

Click here for the 'Big Survey - The Results Are In'

The data underpinning the report can be found here

The verbatim comments underpinning the report can be found here

The verbatim comments grouped into themes can be found here

The distributed questionnaire can be found here

The ACRE Rural Parish Profile can be found here


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