What is the Local Green Spaces Working Group Doing?

We now have 15 members of this working group who have met and agreed the scope of work. The first piece of work is to identify those local green spaces that may have community, amenity, historical value or are perhaps important local wildlife sites or green corridors. An initial brainstorm identified 51 possible spaces. These are now being assessed using the government's audit tool. More information on Local Green Space Designation can be found here

The Steering Group commissioned a Landscape Character Assessment for the entire Parish. This can be found here


The Steering Group, using central government Locality funding, has commissioned an independent assessment of the groundwater flood risk for the Parish. The final report can be found here.

It contains an assessment of 4 key 'Areas of Interest', Filchampstead, Farmoor, Dean Court & Cumnor Hill and the drainage catchment area to Wootton.


Cumnor Parish has a Conservation Area at its centre, and the Parish sits in a strong historical landscape with key historical buildings as well as archaeologically important landscape features such as the ridge & furrow field at Appleton Road. An excellent starting point for Cumnor Parish's history is John Hanson's collection of work at http://www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/external/cumnor/


The Parish has number of designated play areas, 2 thriving football clubs for children, an active Cricket Club as well as 56 public footpaths which in the main criss-cross designated green belt land. The group intends to survey all those local green spaces seen to be important to residents either for recreational, historical or communal value.

The minutes for the first LGS Working Group meeting held on 24th Jan 2018 are here

The minutes for the 2nd meeting held on 27th Feb 2018 are here

The latest Bird Survey for Cumnor Hurst (2016) can be found here

The Parish has 15 areas of land registered as either common land or as having 'village green' status. The database can be found by clicking here. Note this is a pdf document, an excel document which is easier to read is available from the Parish Clerk.


Understanding our habitats and sensitive biodiversity. Cumnor Parish is bounded by a rural landscape with 3 areas of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) - The Hurst (important area for rare mosses and liverworts) For SSSI information, click here https://web.archive.org/web/20120309134649/http://www.sssi.naturalengland.org.uk/citation/citation_photo/1001620.pdf. 

 Spring Farm (paleogeographic importance) and Wytham Woods (global research facility). There are 6 Local Wildlife Sites in the Parish including a nature reserve at Farmoor Reservoir.

Cumnor Village Pond sits on Common Land and will need a mechanism for maintaining it going forward. We have at least 15 areas of common land that should be documented and researched for the future. There are also several Local Wildlife Areas that we need to document and include in any environmental policies going forward. The following documents/sites will be a starting point for our evidence building

  1. Local Plan Part 2 Landscape Character Assessment. This holds a full Character Assessment of the entire Parish see http://bit.ly/2zqUD6e

  2. HELAA This is the Housing & Economic Land Assessment and details the assessment of sites for housing around Cumnor Parish see http://bit.ly/2hRyILY

  3. Local Wildlife Sites -  http://www.tverc.org/cms/  has documented 7 local wildlife sites in our area including pasture at Chawley, Smith Hill Copse, Long Leys Farm Meadows, Long Copse, Footpath at Chawley and Farmoor Reservoir. See the list at http://www.tverc.org/cms/sites/tverc/files/documents/List%20of%20Local%20Wildlife%20Sites%20in%20Vale%20of%20White%20Horse%202018.pdf

  4. Denman's Copse is proposed as a site also. South Oxfordshire DC published the following document that outline Conservation target Areas and Green Infrastructure opportunities http://www.southoxon.gov.uk/sites/default/files/Draft%20Green%20Infrastructure%20Strategy%20-%20Part%203.pdf

  5. The Woodland Trust has policy guidance on trees in urban environments which may be useful when drafting policies


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