Draft Character Assessments Available to View

In February 2017, we created 4 working groups based on Parish Wards : Farmoor (inc Filchampstead), Cumnor Village, Cumnor Hill and Dean Court. These groups were tasked with writing Character Assessments (to form part of our Evidence Base).

We started with maps to see how the environment and features, roads etc have changed over time, and then used The Oxford City Toolkit to score features such as buildings, open spaces, natural features and historic sites. A heritage consultant has taken the individual Character Assessments to create an overarching Character Assessment for the Parish. You can view it by clicking here.

We asked for feedback (via Cumnor Parish News, Twitter and Facebook) with a deadline of 31st Jan 2018. Feedback was reviewed at the CA Meeting on 28th Feb 2018. The minutes from this meeting can be found here. This feedback told us that we had some gaps, eg Rockley, Henwood, parts of Cumnor Hill and Appleton Road and that a larger group of residents wanted to add their feedback to the Lower Cumnor Hill CA (which went through 14 versions!). Final versions are available on this page. These are a description of the areas, and will form the evidence for our policies. As an emerging Neighbourhood Plan, a Planning Inspector would also consider them to be valid evidence of character of an area when considering any planning application.

Character Assessments By Ward

Dean Court

Cumnor Hill

As Dean Court is the most densely populated ward of the Parish (with 42% of the population living here) we looked at this area street by street. Individual Character Assessments are in the documents here.

This is the set of individual Character Assessments for Cumnor Hill. We have also included an earlier Assessment completed in 2007 as part of a Conservation Area proposal by the Parish Council.

For  the history of The Chawley Brickworks follow this link http://oxoniensia.org/volumes/1976/dodsworth.pdf

Cumnor Village


This is the current documentation for Cumnor Village. Character Assessments are in the document below.

 An archeological study was done on the site of the extended burial ground by Oxford Archeology, and will also form part of the Evidence Base. The list of Listed Buildings can be found at https://www.britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/england/cumnor-vale-of-white-horse-oxfordshire#.Wt8i-IFLlQA.email

This is the current documentation for Farmoor. The working group has divided the Farmoor ward into 3 areas - the river and reservoir, the woodland and farmed land and thirdly the inhabited areas of Farmoor and Filchampstead. .

This is the set of individual character assessments for Dean Court

This is the map of Cumnor Parish by Ward

Botley Character Statement Document inc Cumnor Rise Road, Lower Cumnor Hill and Dean Court.

Cumnor Hill Character Assessments

This is the Proposal for a Conservation Area completed in 2007 for Lower Cumnor Hill and Dean Court

The Cumnor Conservation Area documentation is an important part of the evidence base for later policies.

This is the set of Character Assessments for Cumnor Village

This document shows Cumnor Village centre in old and new photographs.

This is the set of Character Assessments for Farmoor Ward

An archaeological report was conducted into the reed bad at Farmoor in July 2011 and is included here 


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