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May 2018 Update

Andrew Maxted, Senior Planning Policy Officer at The Vale of White Horse DC, along with Sam Townley, our Neighbourhood Plan Enquiries Officer, attended our last Steering Group meeting and provided valuable advice and guidance on our current evidence and next steps. He was extremely impressed with the progress we had made, and our ability to tap into the skills and experience of our parish to complete much of the work to date. His advice is to identify objectives and key themes from evidence such as the Big Survey and Character Assessments, and then to use small working groups to develop objectives and create initial draft policies. We will look at how to do this at our next Steering Group. If you would like to be part of one of these working groups, and are happy to come along to a small number of meetings between June and July, then please contact our Clerk. We anticipate that there will be 3 groups - Housing, Green Spaces and Social Infrastructure/Amenities - with the aim that outputs be available in early Autumn.

The first quarter of this year has seen a number of activities coming together. Our Local Green Spaces is nearing the end of their piece of work and our Character Assessments are having some final amendments completed. The overarching Character Assessment is ready and all of these documents will be posted on the website at the end of May (the documents currently on the website are in draft format and were posted there to allow people to comment on them). If at any point, you would like hard copies of anything loaded onto the website, please let us know by contacting The Big Survey Report is also due to be published at the end of May.

One last piece of evidence to identify is through the Landscape Character Assessment. As 75% of our parish is rural in nature, we need to identify the character of those large tracts of land. In order to maintain neutrality and impartiality, this will be done by an independent external consultant. We have applied for central government funding for this, and have just found out that we have been successful in securing the entire amount for this work.

And finally, an update on our Local Green Spaces work. There are 12 people in the Local Green Spaces working group, all volunteers, who have been out and about looking at the smaller green spaces that exist in the Parish. The group first met in February to brainstorm all the possible sites, and came up with a list of 61 sites. These ranged from more formal areas such as Fogwell Road football pitch and play areas to smaller green areas such as the grassy area behind Denton Close and the green within Pinnocks Way. Each site has been assessed using the National Planning Policy Framework template. As some of the sites do not meet the criteria for designation as a Local Green Space, these have not made the shortlist. However, we may choose to have a policy within our plan that covers “valued views” or “open green spaces”. If you would like to see an example of the wording of any possible policy, take a look at North Hinksey’s Draft Plan at as an example.

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